PPC Companies can make a big difference for small businesses. There are a lot of tools available, but most are worthless. There are a lot of agencies, but many who call themselves experts have never produced real-world results. You are spending money and you need it to make a profit, so what do you do?

As an agency owner of five years, producing double-digit returns for our clients and having another ten years of experience before that, I’m happy to offer some no bs advice and direction. In this article I am going to share what is a standard process and how we approach things, so that you have at least a solid place to start in your search.




1. Start either local or national.

There are a few large national agencies that have minimum fees of $3,500 per month and help clients like AirBnB or Nike. If you have the budget for these, they probably have everything you need in one place to build profitable campaigns. If you don’t have that kind of budget, you might consider doing a search for a PPC company near me or PPC agency in (your city). This should give you a list of at least a few agencies to talk to first.

How we approach this: We have tried to price ourselves as a high-quality, but still-affordable option for most businesses and have set our minimum fee at $1,000 per month.

2. Try to have a realistic expectation of what your monthly ad budget needs to be to generate results.

This is where things often go wrong on the business owner’s side. I routinely speak with owners who ask about spending a few hundred dollars per month. The reason why you should be prepared for your initial budget to be more than this is because you need at least 500-1,000 clicks per month just for Google and Facebook to have enough traffic to your campaigns to begin to learn who your target customers are and how they buy from you. Now, take this 500-1,000 clicks and multiply it by your cost per click and you start to have a point of initial budget. For example, if the cost per click in your market is $2 then your minimum budget should be around $2,000 per month. Many markets have an average cost per click in the double-digit range and some in the hundreds of dollars per click.

A decent agency should be able to estimate this for you either before or during your initial call.

How we approach this: We can estimate your ad budget for you on our initial call, at no cost to you whatsoever. We also set our minimum ad budget at 1,000 clicks per month.

3. Once you have a grasp on your costs, you should next talk to the agency about how they approach their program and what their primary targets are.

Many agencies will focus on clicks or traffic because this is the easiest for them to measure, even though this should have little relevance to you as a business owner, if those clicks produce no sales or revenue returns.

How we approach this: Here is a link to our What We Do document that we share with all of our clients. Our primary goal is a return on ad spend for you. We do everything we can to build out a conversion pipeline that will carefully measure and grow your sales and revenue and we try to prove that every month.

4. Does the agency you are interviewing have a great track record with other clients? Ask them to prove it. Ask for case studies and references.

How we approach this: Here is a link to our case studies page. We are happy to provide references on request and have a robust network of referral partners who regularly send us business because of the great work we do for our clients.

5. Will you own your accounts?

A number of large agencies won’t let you own your accounts, even though you are paying them to build and manage those accounts. This is a tactic that we strongly disagree with and is against Google and Facebook policy. It is a tactic to lock you into working with them only and has no benefit to you as a client. As soon as they begin to give you excuses why you won’t have full access and ownership of your account at all times, just walk away.

How we approach this: Based on the above statement, you can probably guess that all of our clients have full access and ownership of their accounts at all times.

6. Will you be locked into a long-term agreement?

Some agencies will try to get you to sign a 6 – 12 month agreement. You have to decide if this risk is worth it to you.

How we approach this: We ask for 90 days, so that we have a proper amount of time to set up and adjust your campaigns, but there is no commitment after that. We believe that if we can’t produce great results, the client should have the freedom and flexibility to fire us.

7. How transparent and communicative are they?

As per point five, many agencies won’t give you full access to your accounts and will try to keep the spotlight on whatever metric makes them look good. Again, we don’t believe in this at all. You should be working with an agency that is not afraid to answer all of your questions, respond quickly to calls, and keep ownership in your hands.

How we approach this: Our clients have direct access to me, the owner, at all times, should they have any questions. As previously stated, they also have full access to their accounts in addition to our monthly reporting and communications around how we can continually improve their programs.

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If it’s not simple, it won’t work.

-Peter Drucker



What is a PPC company?

A PPC company is a company or agency that will help you build, manage and report on your pay per click campaigns on sites like Google or Facebook.

What are the types of PPC?

There are several types of pay per click, such as text ads, banner ads, video ads, or even dynamically generated ads built by the site you are advertising on.

How do you earn from PPC?

If you are an advertiser, PPC can quickly drive targeted traffic to your business and website. If you have a blog or website that you want to generate revenue from, you can work with a company to use your site as a location for the ads they produce for their customers.

What is PPC & how does it work?

Pay per click is a form of advertising that charges you every time someone takes an action on your ad such as clicking on that ad. 

Are PPC ads worth it?

This can not be answered without looking at the cost per click of your market and how much profit you make on every sale. Contact us today for a free quote.

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